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7th Sunday of Easter
Ascension Sunday
New Testament Reading I - Acts 1:1-11
New Testament Reading II - Acts 16:16-34
Message - "Bearing the Cost" - Reverend Douglas Myers, Jr.

Pentecost Sunday
New Testament Reading I- Acts 2:1-21
New Testament Reading II - Romans 8:14-17
Message - "Back to Basics: Unifying Power from Above" - Reverend Douglas Myers, Jr.

Trinity Sunday
Peace with Justice Sunday
Old Testament Reading - Psalm 8
Message - "Back to Basics: The Majestic Trinity" - Reverend Douglas Myers, Jr.

2nd Sunday After Pentecost
Father's Day
Gospel Reading - Mark 5:1-20
Message - "Back to Basics: Who Are You?" - Reverend Douglas Myers, Jr.