These are difficult times for all of us. At no time in many of our memories has a single event touched every person on Earth. I pray that you are all healthy and well.  Because we are not meeting in the foreseeable future, I hope you have taken advantage of our church service online.  We will be uploading another one this week and will continue to do so until we can meet again in the Lord's house.  I know a lot of us miss worshiping together in our beautiful sanctuary.  I am really missing  our time, and especially our kids in Sunday school.     

That being said, we have an new opportunity to share hope like never before. As churches across the U.S. and around the world cancel worship services and gatherings, we should not have to cancel discipleship in our families and communities.

Because of this, our curriculum provider, LifeWay is giving us current Bible study sessions to churches, groups, and families for FREE during this uncertain season.

Whether you're familiar with print or digital resources from LifeWay, this new, enhanced digital curriculum experience makes discipleship during social distancing easier by allowing you to keep learning God's word as we "socially distance" ourselves from each other.  

The link below is for families, just click on the link and follow the directions.  This does NOT continue the current SS curriculum (The Gospel Project), we will continue with that once we can safely meet again.  Instead, this is a different exploration of the Bible.  Feel free to use this curriculum, or one of your own.  I will be emailing you a new lesson for the week the Wednesday or Thursday before.  

I am looking for adult appropriate alternatives as well.  Hopefully, one in which we can communicate and discuss online with each other, so stay tuned for that.  There is You Version of the Bible, an application for your smart phone that allows you to choose devotion plans and connect with other Unionville family for Bible Studies and that is another option to help keep you in the Word.You DO have to make your own account on and the lesson should pop up after you make an account (this is a free account). You can download the pages and run this like a normal SS class, or you can do this what ever way is comfortable and works for your family! Some have been having difficultly accessing these lessons. If you are having trouble, please contact me.

Happy Thursday Church family!


Time to start a new week in the Word!  Below is the link to access the kids' Sunday school lesson!  It continues the story of Esther (chapters 3-8) and how one woman saved an entire nation!  BOY!  God sure works wonders in our lives, if we have faith and obedience!


Here's this week's lesson link:



We have a class for ALL of God's children.
See you in Sunday School!