The Discipleship Journey


Stages of Growth


Think of the Discipleship journey as being like the human experience.  There are markers that begin to show that we have moved from pregnancy (via birth)

  • to infancy (when we are dependent on others for everything)
  • to childhood (where we begin to care for some of our own needs with guidance and assistance)
  • to adolescence (where we become much more independent and able to care for our own needs)
  • to adulthood/parenthood (where we care for ourselves and others).


Our faith journey likewise has stages of growth from searching (before one even walks in the door of the church):

  • to Exploring (When one is “kicking the tires” of this thing called church, Jesus, and Christianity)
  • to Beginning (When one is beginning to enter a life of seeking to follow Jesus)
  • to Growing (Where one is committed to expanding their relationship as a disciple)
  • to Maturing (Where now one is fully committed to the life of discipleship including leading others through the discipleship journey).



Dimensions of Discipleship


One way to look at our life as a disciple is to look at six dimensions of discipleship:


  • A Life of Worship
  • A Life of Hospitality
  • A Life Opening to Jesus
  • A Life Obeying Jesus
  • A Life of Service
  • A Life of Generosity


There are markers that identify what stage of growth (exploring, beginning, growing, maturing) a disciple may be on each of these six dimensions of discipleship.  Most of us are not at the same point of maturity in all six because our human tendency will be to concentrate on the things we like or only the things others may introduce us to.  It is entirely possible to be mature in a couple, while be growing or beginning on the other four.



Real Discipleship Survey


One tool that you can use to get a sense of what stage of growth you may be on for each of the six dimensions.  The survey can be taken as often as you want, although I recommend about once a year.  Each time you take the survey, it will produce a report with suggested studies and activities that will help you move to the next stage of growth in each dimension.


The survey consists of four statements contained in each of their own colored blocks for each dimension.  For each of the six colors (one color for each dimension), choose the statement that best describes where you believe you are in your journey.  If you need additional assistance, there is a “Tutorial” button that will take you to instructions for the survey.  If you decide you chose an incorrect statement, the “Reset” button will reset the survey.  When you have chosen a statement for each of the six colors, you can select “submit survey” button.


Follow the prompts on your screen to return to your dashboard.  Each time you complete the survey, your past surveys will also be listed showing the date of completion.  You can view the “Results” on the screen or download a “PDF” to allow you to print it.


No one else can see your answers.  We can pull a report that shows a matrix of how many people are each stage of growth for each dimension, but not who they are.  This information will help shape some of the studies we may select and some of the sermon series that are preached to meet the overall need of the congregation.


To create your Real Discipleship Survey account:

  • Visit:
  • Enter: CTL7D as the “conference code”
  • Select: “Unionville UMC” from the list
  • Enter your name, email, and a personal password of your choosing.
  • Select your language
  • Click “Join” – This creates your account
  • Click “Login Here” to go to the login page


To login to your account:


On the dashboard, select the “Edit Profile” button to select your groups within the church:

  1. Discipleship Group Participant – select “yes” if you are participating in either the Wednesday evening Discipler group or the Thursday evening Bible Study at the Alexander’s.
  2. Leadership – select “yes” if you are serving on any of our church committees.
  3. Professing Member – select “yes” if you have joined the membership of the church by taking your membership vows.
  4. Attendee – select “yes” if you are a regular attendee for worship.


Once you’ve saved your groups, you can return to the dashboard and take the survey.


Anytime on your journey, if you would like to have conversation about where you are and what steps you could / should take, contact me for an appointment. 


Welcome to the Discipleship Pathway!


Alan J Morrison


Unionville Church